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A lasting smile on your face and feeling happy. You come home after a night out, with friends, and you still feel the joy of it.

That is the feeling we would like to give you with our concerts. Pamela, the founder of Vriendenconcerten, along with other top artists and rising stars, whose heart and soul are in the music. We want to touch you with our performances.

In order to continue to do so, we can really use your help. We would be very happy if you would like to support us financially, so that we can continue our work and maintain quality. When you contribute to the Foundation Vriendenconcerten, you sustain the well being of our organization while showing your appreciation for the arts as well as the artists. And YOUR DONATION IS FULLY TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Every financial contribution is fully used to pay the musicians and to continue to offer you a great program of indisputable excellence. We can really use your help!

We very much appreciate your support!

The Board of Vriendenconcerten Foundation

Become a Friend of us
Below are a few of the many Foundation’s achievements in the recent years:

  • Diverse unique programs performed by top artists
  • Masterclasses given by (inter) national musicians
  • Workshops for children and amateurs
  • World and Dutch premieres
  • Presenting a new generation of (top) talent
  • Concerts with youth orchestra’s and choir
  • Multidisciplinary concerts, such as theatre concerts, literary concerts and in combination with live music painting
  • Concerts offered in combination with wine/whiskey/vodka tastings
  • Concert/dinner packages offered with renowned restaurants in the Nieuwmarkt neighbourhood
  • Recognition by renowned funds and attaining the status of a cultural institution of public interest (ANBI).

How to Become a Friend
We welcome you as a new Friend! To thank you for your Friendship, we offer you discounts and an invitation to an exclusive evening or afternoon event for Friends only. Become a Friend for €35 per concert season, or a Family Friend* for €50 per concert season.

*Valid for all members of a family

Register as a Friend

Exclusive benefits for Friends

  • Invitation to an exclusive evening/afternoon event* for registered Friends only
  • Exclusive Friend’s discount: as a Friend, you pay € 15 for a ticket, instead of the regular price of € 19,00

*During this event that includes a musical intermezzo by Pamela and some other friends, there will be ample opportunity to have a chat with each other, while enjoying some nibbles and drinks.

Become our Sponsor

Despite the fact that different funds show a lot of sympathy towards our series, the aftermath of budgetary cuts by the government and the effects of Covid 19 makes it difficult to secure fundings for a smaller top series that we are. If we have several sponsors who support us annually, it provides for continuity. The most assistance comes, of course, from donations over multiple years, but even the smallest gifts are very appreciated!

Foundation Vriendenconcerten is registered as a cultural ANBI. Thanks to the status of a cultural ANBI, you can benefit from extra tax deductions. A special Dutch tax law called “Geefwet” allows you, when filing a tax return, to increase your donation with a “cultural multiplier” of 25% (subject to certain conditions). In other words, you can deduct 125% from your tax return. For more information, please see the Tax Office website under “Culturele ANBI

Will you help us?
If you make a one-time donation, or choose to do so over several years, we are very grateful for your support! All the money we receive goes to ensure the quality of our concert series.

One-time donation
You make a one-time donation. These are tax deductible if the total amount of gifts made to recognized charities in one year exceeds the threshold amount. The threshold amount is 1% of your income, with a minimum of €60. You may deduct what you have paid in excess of this threshold amount. More information on the conditions can be found on

Would you like to make a one-time donation? Please transfer your gift to the bank account of Stichting Vriendenconcerten IBAN NL45ABNA053.76.04.693 indicating that it is a one-time donation. Many thanks in advance for your contribution!

Periodical donation
Would you like to support Foundation Vriendenconcerten continuously? If you commit to donate over at least five consecutive years and state it in a private deed (without the involvement of a notary), your gift is fully deductible from your taxable income.

The advantages are as follows:

  • You can deduct the full amount of your donation from your taxable income
  • Foundation Vriendenconcerten is ensured of your support for at least 5 years
  • The entire amount of your donation goes to benefit Foundation Vriendenconcerten, because charities with ANBI status are exempt from the gift tax.

Registration as Periodical Sponsor

There are two ways to arrange for your periodical contributions:

  1. Download a form, fill it out and send it to us.
  2. Contact us and we arrange everything for you.

You can find information on the conditions regarding the tax deductions over one-time and periodical donations on In any case, please contact your tax advisor or the Tax Office, so that you know exactly what to expect.

Calculation examples
Example 1
A sponsor of Foundation Vriendenconcerten earns €40.000 per year, with a tax rate of 42%. Until recently, he donated €150 per year. By donating periodically, on the basis of an agreement, his donation becomes tax deductible. If he now donates €258 to the Foundation Vriendenconcerten, he will receive €108 back from the Tax Office (42% of €258). Thus, his net payment remains €150 (€258 minus €108).

Example 2
A sponsor has a collective income of €60.000 per year, with a tax rate of 52%. She would like to make a donation to the Foundation Vriendenconcerten in the amount of €800. By donating periodically, on the basis of an agreement, her entire donation becomes tax deductible. Thus, she gets back 52% of €800 (€416). Her net payment is €384.

For more information, please contact us at


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