25 May
Thomas Beijer – piano
Nicolas van Poucke – piano

Whenever Thomas Beijer and Nicolas van Poucke play together, something magical occurs. The piano friends from renowned teacher Jan Wijn's piano class are both free-spirited, adventurous, blessed with a great sense of humour, and are, as they say themselves, both passionate about home-cooking. And we haven't even mentioned their individual qualities as musicians and pianists yet! The scintillating playing of the two internationally-acclaimed “piano lions” is drenched in good taste and skills and cannot be pigeonholed.

“I do what I believe in, even if no one asks me to”, says Nicolas. An attitude Thomas wholeheartedly agrees with. Thomas (who was awarded the Dutch Music Prize in 2022, the highest national distinction for classical musicians) is a pianist, composer, author, and visual artist. He made his debut as a novelist with Geen jalapeños (publisher Prometheus) and creates short animated films featuring potatoes dancing in a rather slapstick way under the name Potatic Cinema

Nicolas and Thomas recently recorded a CD of the works on this program and will present this CD afterwards. Naturally, there is an opportunity to purchase this CD, with an autograph session, after the concert.

Fun fact: scientists used this Mozart sonata in the study that tested the theory of the “Mozart effect”; classical music is said to increase brain activity more positively than other types of music. Who knows, we might all become even smarter than we already are if we attend and listen to this concert!

Double Grand Pianorama

Ciacona in E minor BuxWv160

Variations on a Theme by Haydn,
Opus 56a 

Sonata for Two Pianos in D major,
K. 448


Sonata for Two Pianos in F minor,
Opus 34b

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