2 October
Olli Mustonen – piano
Emmanuel Franco – baritone
Pamela Smits – cello

"A musical force of nature" is how Finnish pianist Olli Mustonen is often described. The worldwide acclaimed artist has a remarkable career as a pianist/composer and conductor and tonight can be heard in a double role together with the Mexican baritone Emmanuel Franco and cellist Pamela Smits.

The fairytale-like scenery of the Finnish celestial lights is home to the mythical creatures who come alive through the ancient folk poetry of the Kalevala. Inspired by this epic work, Mustonen wrote Taivaanvalot. "I have felt that with the help of music it might be possible to convey some of those untranslatable, at times even hypnotic and shamanic qualities of this poetry also to an audience not fluent in our unusual language."

Experience the magical world of music, in which the young piano virtuoso Beethoven crushed his opponents in Vienna salons in direct duals with his ingenious improvisation skills, and in which mythical creatures dwell in the Bohemian forests.

Become entranced by the green, purple, and blue colours of the Northern Lights in Scandinavian nature, in an imaginary world created by three passionate musicians.

Olli's Celestial Lights

Ludwig van Beethoven
Piano sonata in A major Op. 2, No. 2

Bohuslav Martinù
Sonata for cello and piano No. 3

– Intermission –

Jean Sibelius
Cantique and Devotion, Opus 77 for cello and piano

Olli Mustonen
Taivaanvalot (2019) for baritone, cello and piano


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