18 December
Pamela Smits – cello soloist
Javier Rodríguez – tenor soloist and percussion
Daniel Morcos – piano and percussion
Mauricio Achem – charango and percussion
Huygens Vocaal Ensemble, conductor Hans Tijssen

This program focuses around the Holy Spirit, north and south of the equator. We start with church music from the northern hemisphere and after the intermission we descend to the southern hemisphere, where the Argentinians will make their appearance in festive exuberant "party dancing" style. We end this spectacular evening with a famous Creole mass; the Misa Criolla. Before this we hear the 'cerebral' musical embodiment of the Holy Trinity from Christianity. Colourful scenes from the Christmas story with an ode to the Virgin Mary, a journey into a starlit night, and popping champagne corks. Tavener wrote the extraordinary work Svyati for cello solo and choir on texts of the Russian Orthodox Church. The choir sings as the coffin is closed and borne out of the church, followed by the mourners with lighted candles, while the cello represents the embodiment of the Ikon of Christ. After the break, it's a double celebration, because this year (2021) is the centenary of the birth of the Argentine composers Piazzolla and Ramírez! The Argentine Criollos are a mixture of many peoples such as Europeans, Africans, and Indians. In the Misa Criolla composer Ramírez uses the cheerful and melancholic rhythms of the Criollos and uses the instruments from the Andes Mountains, such as the charango (small guitar) and the quena (Andean flute). The Huygens Vocal Ensemble are experts by now in the Misa Criolla and Argentinian folk music. It is also noteworthy that Javier Rodríguez is the last permanent solo tenor in the ensemble of Ariel Ramírez, performing the Misa Criolla many times. Will you celebrate Christmas with us?

Misa Criolla,
'O Holy One'

Ola Gjeilo
Serenity (O Magnum Mysterium), for cello solo and choir a cappella

Francis Poulenc
Quatre Motets pour le Noël, for choir a cappella

John Tavener
Svyati‚ O Holy One, for cello solo and choir a cappella

– Intermission –

Ástor Piazzolla
Adiós Nonino, for choir a cappella

Villancico (Spanish Christmas songs)

South American folk music, tangos and improvisations

Ariel Ramírez
Misa Criolla

Prices for this event:
Box office: € 30
Presale: € 25
Registered Friends: € 20

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