11 February
Kirila Kraal – soprano
Thomas Beijer – piano
Nicolas van Poucke – piano
Cécile Huijnen – violin
Tijmen Huisingh – violin
Vilèm Kijonka – viola
Pamela Smits – cello

A mini-festival in honour of Robert Schumann!

Nicolas is a lover of Schumann and is now somewhat regarded as a Schumann connoisseur. Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant said, “As if he had stepped into the shoes of Schumann's imaginary friends and alter egos, both musically depicted in the work, the dreamy Eusebius and the spirited Florestan; Van Poucke was both.” A festival around Schumann was his first proposal as Artist in Residence and we are thrilled to make that possible!

Extreme feelings were not foreign to Schumann. He even gave the different aspects of his character their own names! Two of his most famous alter egos are the extroverted, impulsive Florestan and the inward, thoughtful Eusebius. Schumann's compositions reflect his deeply romantic nature and thus give us - as if we were eavesdropping - a glimpse into his innermost private world.

Schumann was a poet pur sang who experienced feelings of ecstatic joy and tenderness, but also deep sadness and depression. In his innerworld he was tormented by evil spirits, but also visited by angels.

We can fill many more concerts with beautiful compositions by Schumann. The choice was made for this diverse selection of repertoire with a line-up of wonderful musicians. Come listen and find out why!

Schumann Weekend!

ROBERT SCHUMANN  (1810-1856)

Bilder aus Osten, Opus 66, for piano quatre mains

Frauenliebe und Leben, Opus 42,
for soprano and piano

– Intermission –

Piano Quintet, Opus 44 in E flat major

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