7 November
Jan Brokken – Storyteller
Pamela Smits – Cello
Tobias Borsboom – Piano

Jan Brokken is acclaimed as both a writer and a storyteller. Tales from his book Why 11 Antilleans Knelt Before Chopin's Heart will be combined with music from South America, and especially Curaçao. Pamela spent her first years in Curaçao where her parents - both pianists - worked for ten years, and for which she still holds particularly warm feelings.

This program is also a tribute to the Curaçaoan pianist/composer Wim Statius Muller, who died in 2019. During a visit by ‘Curaçao’s Chopin’ to the Netherlands, Tobias had the opportunity to work with him on his compositions. In Curaçao, Pamela played a recital with him in Avila Beach.  The memory of this place was captured by the composer in his Avila Beach Waltz.

Imagine yourself on tropical beaches, overpowered by the irresistible pulsating groove of Caribbean dances, perhaps a cocktail in hand. The voice of a “Divine Storyteller”  (Volkskrant newspaper) and a sizzling musical melting pot of dances... what more could you want!? 

Caribische Smeltkroes
(Caribbean Melting Pot. Stories will be in Dutch)

Wim Statius Muller
Suite Pikinja (arr. T. Borsboom)

Frédéric Chopin
Introduction and Polonaise Brillante in C Mayor, Opus 3

Ástor Piazzolla
Nightclub 1960

Wim Statius Muller
4 Antillean Dances, for piano solo

– inetermission –

Manuel de Falla
Suite populaire espagnole. (arr. M. Maréchal)

Maurice Ravel
Pièce en Forme de Habanera

Darius Milhaud

William Bolcom
Graceful Ghost Rag, for piano solo

Art Marshall
Atardi, Curacaos folk song (arr. T. Borsboom)
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