The Foundation has an independent and unpaid Board that consists of the following:

  • ChairmanIgor Wortel, CEO & Founder of Phalanxes
  • Treasurer: Jan Hondeveld, former Manager of Postkantoren bv.
  • Board member: Nellie Cornelisse, Musician
  • Board member: Ascon van der Westen, CEO of Holland Art Centre
  • Godfried Hoogeveen: Cellist, former solo cellist of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and principal subject teacher of the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague
  • Quirijn van Regteren Altena: Double Bass player, at Asko|Schönberg, principal subject teacher of the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague 
  • Albert van der Schoot: Cultural Philosopher
  • Carel den Hertog: Conductor, Netherlands Youth String Orchestra


  • Jan Wijn: Pianist, principal subject teacher at the
    Conservatoire of
  • Ton Boersma: former Chairman of the Amsterdam Arts Council                                            

Artistic Director: Pamela Smits, cellist
PR & Marketing: Igor Wortel, CEO & Founder of Phalanxes/ITW Management Solution

Foundation Vriendenconcerten
Postal address: Borneolaan 251, 1019 HZ Amsterdam
Tel: +31 6 30760224
RSIN (fiscal number): 853083320
Chamber of Commerce (KvK): 58545263
IBAN: NL45ABNA 053.760.4693 


Foundation Vriendenconcerten aims to promote the attention for and performance of the classical music for as wide and diverse audience as possible, including those people who would not be normally part of that audience, as well as everything directly or indirectly related or conductive thereto, in the broadest sense of the word. 


Business Information

Foundation Vriendenconcerten is formally recognized as a cultural institution of public interest (ANBI). The Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization with the purpose of public benefit.

The assets of the Foundation serve to achieve the objectives of the Foundation. Income is generated from ticket sales, funds, grants and donations. The Foundation is taxable for VAT and exempt from the corporation tax. The Foundation communicates in a clear and transparent manner about the way in which funds are raised, the resources are used and about its intended results. The Foundation endorses the Cultural Governance Code. The financial statements are drawn up by Freen & Co accounting firm in Amsterdam, under the responsibility of the Board of the Foundation. For our ANBI reporting, please refer to the current policy plan, with the financial forecast and financial statements below. This information, as well as our articles of association can be obtained from the Foundation. For more information please email us at